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How do you calculate what tier I will be in?

All members will be allocated into a tier based on the points they accrued over the previous six (6) months.


Can I go up a level at anytime?

A member can move up to the next tier level on the 15th of the month or the first working day after the 15th and remain in that tier for the remainder of the qualification period if the required number of E Plus Star Rewards have been earned.


How do I know which level I am in?

Swipe your membership card at the kiosk and your tier level will show on the screen. You may also find out your tier level at reception, at any POS terminal or from our friendly Customer Service Host.


When do I drop a level?

Each Member’s eligibility, to maintain their level, is reviewed on a 6 monthly basis.


How much are my points worth and what is my minimum spend on redemptions?

One E Plus Star rewards point equals ten cents in value i.e. 1 pt = $0.01, this is the minimum redemption amount for internal use.The minimum amount to transfer onto the Universal card is 1000 points = $10


Are there increased benefits as I go up in levels?

Yes. There are more bonus points and more benfits the higher you go.


Can I opt out of E Plus Rewards?

Yes. Your card will still gain you access into the Club; however you will not be eligible for all promotions, draws and benefits. Please see reception for detailed terms and conditions.