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Presidents Report


Epping RSL sub-Branch President’s Message, June-July 2017


ANZAC DAY 2017 celebrations were a significant occasion in the activities of this sub-Branch and our local community. Many sub-Branch veterans were involved in ANZAC Addresses and functions at 12 school services, 4 retirement villages and 2 nursing homes and the Epping RSL sub-branch Day Club.


The attendances at the Anzac Sunday Service were at capacity of the ballroom and included 322 Squadron RAAF Cadets, Army Cadets from James Ruse High School, students from all the primary and secondary schools together with many members of the scouts from Epping District. The Street Parade to Boronia Park Cenotaph led by the Epping RSL Golden Kangaroos Marching Band was an inspiration. Prior to the wreath laying ceremony there was the unveiling and dedication of the new statue at the centre of the Cenotaph. This was a moving experience for it was the culmination of nearly 2 years of involvement by the members of the sub-Branch in a joint venture with the Parramatta Council to construct this bronze figure of a World War 1 Digger standing at arms reversed


Again, this year, the Centenary of events of World War 1 have dominated many of the remembrance services. These many incidents constitute a significant part of Nations’ history and heritage. It was a period in which aspects of the uniqueness of our nationhood and persona of Australia was generated.


Whilst so many of the commemorations over the past few years the WW1 focus on the memory and appreciation of sacrifices made by thousands of young Australians in foreign lands over 100 years ago, we must not overlook the fact that this year is also the 75th anniversary of many events from the Second World War. Of a period in our nation’s history in which there many battles and engagements with an enemy off our coast and on our home land. A time in which there was great loss of life by our armed services and personal hardships endured by the population.

ANZAC Day is a time to reflect upon all who have served our nation, who have put their life on hold to answer their nations call and to be prepared to confront the forces that would try to deprive us of our freedom and peaceful way of life and the mutual respect we have of each other.

ANZAC is a time to remember all who have served our nation in past years and who serve today.

Lest we forget


John K Curdie OAM

(Sub-Branch President)