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Presidents Report


Epping RSL sub-Branch President’s Message April-May 2019



In the month of April, Anzac Day will become the centre of the focus of veterans and Australians alike. At an Anzac Day service, be it a dawn service or a community or school based commemoration; we pause to remember the tumult and sacrifice of war. To give thanks to the service of over a million  Australians who have been part of our nation’s  Defence  Forces in the past century .Also  reflect upon our nation’s history and the cost of freedom, paid for by the lives of more than a hundred thousand Australians, volunteering themselves  that our generation can live  in freedom.

Anzac Day is a special day for all Australians and New Zealanders whether at home or at cities and regions across the world, where they gather to share the meaning of a special unity forged firstly at Gallipoli to continue to this day.

It is day that binds our nation in a special unity giving us all a strength that can make any of our differences disappear and from which we can grasp a positive view for our Australia of tomorrow.

Enjoy your Anzac Day and remember our nation’s proud history, taking strength to absorb the challenges of tomorrow.



Over the past 12 months, the membership of the NSW RSL have had to come to terms with the changes to the operations of NSW State Branch, initiated by the ramifications of the Bergin Inquiry of 2017. All sub-Branches have witnessed extensive communications between the members of the sub-Branches and the State Branch of the RSL NSW relating to such proposed changes. Those professional consultants and the advisory committee have been focused on the need to be compliant with the current Charity Acts and regulations that are now in operation but did not exist when the original RSL constitution was prepared. The draft constitution as prepared late in 2018 and submitted to the membership was not acceptable by the members of the League.

Veterans of sub-Branches, clearly aware that for the past 100 years, long before the current Charities Acts and Regulation have been in existence, our  organisation operating solely from a voluntary support base providing welfare specifically  oriented to the benefit of  the veterans of wars. This critical factor was not correctly addressed by the draft constitution, the subject of the Extra Ordinary Meeting in December 2018.

It is encouraging that the Board of the RSL NSW Branch have heard this message from its grass roots and are now preparing a new constitution in measured response from the sub-Branches and the veterans from whom the principles and ethics of the Returned and Services League arose a hundred year ago.

John K Curdie OAM

(Sub-Branch President)