45-47 Rawson Street
Epping NSW 2121
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About Us

Welcome to The Epping Club Limited – where history and community converge... 

Today The Epping Club is a vibrant and dynamic heart of the community. From dining to live entertainment (and everything in between!) we are a hub for locals to come together, explore new interests, make valuable connections and celebrate the pleasure of good food and drink shared with friends. We exist in a diverse and thriving community under City of Parramatta (Council) and The Epping Club takes an active role in supporting our surrounding area. Of course, when exploring the history of The Epping Club we always pay homage to our proud origins as a Returned Sailors and Soldiers (RSL) Club after World War I - an incredible foundation that has brought us to where we are today... 

Important Beginnings 

Established in 1919 by local Ex-Servicemen from World War I, The Epping Club has a rich history rooted in camaraderie and shared interests. What began as a small social club in the Epping region has blossomed into a thriving community hub that transcends its military origins.


As interest and membership flourished, the club relocated to larger premises on Oxford Street, Epping, and in 1937, proudly became a Sub-branch of the R.S.L of Australia. The pivotal moment came in 1957 when the Sub-branch was granted a license, giving birth to the Epping R.S.L (Sub-branch) Club as a distinct entity. A dedicated Clubhouse was erected on Sub-branch land, setting the stage for the club’s prosperous journey.


Throughout the years, our Club evolved to meet the dynamic needs of our growing membership. In 1971, we officially incorporated, reflecting our commitment to providing a welcoming space for all. A significant transformation occurred in 1985 when we embraced a broader community focus, leading to the name change to Epping R.S.L (Sub-branch) and Community Club

A New Era

In 1993, recognizing the need for expanded services and a modern facility, The Epping Club acquired land in Rawson Street. The vision materialized in 1995 with the grand opening of our new Club building. This state-of-the-art venue has since been the heart of our community, catering to the diverse interests and needs of our members.


In 2019, in acknowledgment of our diverse membership beyond the armed services, we proudly embraced the name "The Epping Club Limited." This change reflects our commitment to inclusivity, ensuring that everyone in our community feels welcome and valued.

Our Commitment

Today, The Epping Club stands as a testament to the enduring spirit of mateship and community. Our commitment to fostering social connections and serving the needs of our members remains unwavering. Explore our website to discover the multitude of events, services and experiences that make Epping Club a cherished institution of the Epping community.