Epping, July 3, 2023 — The Epping Club, proudly known for its commitment to community engagement, successfully hosted a bumper 'Big Bucks Trivia' event on Saturday night. The event aimed to raise funds for the Animal Welfare League NSW - Western Suburbs Branch, and the total amount raised exceeds $6000.

The Animal Welfare League (AWL) volunteers played a crucial role in making the event a success, and the guest appearance from the cast of the popular TV show 'The Dog House Australia' added to the fun. 

Out of over 150 attendees, the trivia team Four Dog Night emerged as the winners, deserving congratulations for their victory and for winning the big bucks cash prize.

To date, the Club has donated over $4 million through the ClubGrants Program, supporting numerous charities, associations, schools, and community groups. These donations reflect the Club's commitment to making an impactful, meaningful, and valuable difference.

The final amount raised for the Animal Welfare League NSW - Western Suburbs Branch is being calculated and will be announced soon. Every dollar donated will make a significant impact on the lives of animals, and we are grateful for the generosity of our community.

Club CEO Peter Saez commented on the event, "We love partnering with organizations to assist them in their fundraising goals. AWL does incredibly valuable work, and I am pleased to see them have such a great result."

For more information and updates on our charitable initiatives, please visit our website at

About Animal Welfare League NSW - Western Suburbs Branch:

The Animal Welfare League NSW - Western Suburbs Branch is a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting animal welfare and responsible pet ownership. They provide shelter, medical care, and rehoming services for animals in need. The Epping Club is proud to support their efforts in creating a better future for animals in the Western Suburbs.

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Life-Saving Automated External Defibrillator in Collaboration with Heart of the Nation

Epping Club Installs Life-Saving Automated External Defibrillator in Collaboration with Heart of the Nation

The Epping Club is proud to announce the successful installation of an Automated External Defibrillator (AED) in partnership with Heart of the Nation. This life-saving equipment reaffirms the Club's commitment to the safety and well-being of our members, guests, and the wider Epping community.

The unveiling ceremony was attended by Club staff, management, and distinguished guests, including Heart of the Nation Founder and CEO, Greg Page (OG Yellow Wiggle), Dominic Perrottet (Member for Epping), and Anissa Smart from Smart Exposure, whose collaborative efforts made this installation possible.

Heart of the Nation has been at the forefront of promoting and advocating for accessible AEDs throughout the community. Their dedication to saving lives aligns perfectly with The Epping Club's mission to provide a secure and welcoming environment for all individuals.

An AED is a portable device that can automatically diagnose and treat life-threatening cardiac conditions, such as sudden cardiac arrest (SCA). When used in conjunction with cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR), an AED significantly increases the chances of survival during a cardiac emergency.

"We are thrilled to have partnered with Heart of the Nation in bringing this vital equipment to Rawson Street," said Peter Saez, CEO of The Epping Club. "The installation of an AED strengthens our commitment to maintaining a safe and supportive environment for our members, staff, and the wider community."

The Epping Club encourages all individuals, whether trained in CPR or not, to familiarize themselves with the location of the AED (in the Administration Building) and its proper usage. Quick response and immediate access to an AED are critical factors in saving lives during a cardiac emergency.

For further information on the importance of AEDs and their usage, please visit Heart of the Nation's website at

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Rawsons Wins Most Outstanding Restaurant in Northern Districts

Rawsons Wins 'Most Outstanding Restaurant' in Northern Districts

The Epping Club's Rawsons Restaurant has secured the title of 'Most Outstanding Restaurant' at the Northern Districts Local Business Awards last night.

The Northern District Business Awards acknowledge popular local restaurants that excel in their field. The category is independently judged, including a mystery shopper component, to ensure the integrity and prestige of the awards.

A passionate foodie and customer service expert himself, Epping Club's CEO, Peter Saez, commented that he was delighted with the recognition and gave credit to his entire team.

"We have worked incredibly hard to establish a consistent offering of exceptional food, service, and beverages. Rawsons is truly a great local dining destination, and acknowledgement must be given to the whole team. I am truly proud of what we have achieved and believe the win is well-deserved!

It is exciting to see the club industry as a whole now being recognized for first-class dining and being destinations for world-class food."

If you would like to try the award-winning offerings at Rawsons Restaurant, please visit the Rawsons restaurant website for special events, daily dining, and newly launched Christmas group menus. Bookings are recommended.

More information on the Local Business Awards can be found online.

About Rawsons Restaurant

A tantalizing local favourite, Rawsons in the heart of Epping is a go-to dining spot. Celebrating honest, seasonal food, there's an ever-changing menu that's received city-wide praise.

Incorporating traditional cooking techniques and a passion for quality ingredients, the team at Rawsons creates modern timeless dishes in line with the seasons. Dry-aged meats headline the offering, guaranteeing the very best steaks in town, but there are also ample other delicious choices, including gluten-free and vegetarian selections.

The décor in Rawsons is relaxed, imbued with natural light, and features contemporary textiles and prints. It is now a multi-award winner, having been recognized with both Silver Awards at the National Savour Australia Restaurant & Catering Awards and as a finalist in the ClubsNSW Chef's Table Awards.

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