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Epping NSW 2121
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The Epping Club is part of the Parramatta Local Government Area and provide funding support within this area and the surrounding 5 kilometre radius of the Epping district.

Club Grants – Parramatta City Council Category 1 applications will be opening Friday 29 March 2024 and will close at 6pm Wednesday 1st May 2024.

Information can be found on the Parramatta Council website: Find your local grant round | ClubGRANTS

Applications for funding:

The ClubGrants program closes on Sunday 31 March 2024.

Please send the following applications direct to The Epping Club:

There are three classes of expenditure under the ClubGrants scheme:

Category 1 funding is specifically for local projects and/or services that contribute to the welfare and broader social fabric of the local community and are aimed at improving the living standards of low income and disadvantaged people. These projects encompass Community Welfare & Social Services, Community Development, Community Health Services and Employment Assistance Activities.

Category 1 - Apply using the link mentioned above.

Category 2 funding is generally for projects not listed or eligible for Category 1 funding such as Sport and Recreational Clubs, Cultural Activities – Visual/Performing Arts, Charity Fundraising, Medical Research and in-kind services such as Complimentary Room Hire, Fundraising Products and Prizes and Training Facilities for Elite Athletes. Allocated expenditure is that expenditure allocated to community development and support activities and projects not listed under category 1 as well as expenditure allocated to a club's core activities. For example sport, returned servicemen's league or veteran welfare, golf courses and bowling greens etc. All grant applications processed via The Epping Club Board of Directors.

Category 2 - Apply using the link mentioned above.

Category 2 In-Kind support includes the donations of goods or services that you may receive towards a project. Often, an organisation or group contributes to a project with their own resources, which may reduce the amount of actual dollars needed. But this doesn’t deny the fact that these contributions would had to have been paid for if these donations didn’t exist.

The Epping Club generally provides in-kind grants for room hire and audio-visual equipment.

Category 2 In-kind - Apply using the link mentioned above.

Once your application has been received, it will be presented at the April 2024 Board Meeting, you'll be notified early May of the outcome of your application. The club may request additional information to give to the Board to go with your application.

The club will contact you via the ClubGrant program to advise you of the outcome. Special Details Category 2 funding is only for not-for-profit organisations such as Sub-Branch and Community Groups will be considered for funding. We do not provide grants for individuals.

Before completing a ClubGrant application, please read the ClubGrant guidelines.