45-47 Rawson Street
Epping NSW 2121
(02) 9876 4357

Using the Club Car Park as a Member 

Over the years Epping and the surrounding areas has seen an increase in the need for parking and for this reason the Club made a decision a number of years ago that our carpark became members only. (If you wish to become a member or renew your membership you can do this online).

With technology moving forward at a rapid pace the Club invested in its parking infrastructure by installing a wireless access system. This system allows members to place a small tag on their windscreen that will automatically open the Boomgates when they enter and when they exit to make gaining access to the carpark area so much easier for our members.

The Club offers an “Auto Car Park Tag” to its Members at a small cost of $2. The tag can be also purchased with your Eplus Points and you still have the option if you wish though to continue to use your Membership card to enter and exit the car park.

To ensure that we can keep our parking spaces available for members who are using the Club, the exit gates to operate in the same fashion as the entry gates. In other words you will be required to use either your membership card or install the “Auto Tag” to exit the Car Park.

We encourage members to install the “Auto Car Park Tag” as this will assist with carpark access. If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact the customer service team on 9876 4357.