Vegetarian Curry
$15 Cocktails
Fresh Tagliatelle pasta with creamy mushroom sauce
2 for 1 Cocktails in 45 on Rawson
Haricot Bean & Freekeh Salad
Beef Burger
Sticky Pork Belly Bites
45 on Rawson Bar
Beef or Vegetarian Lasagne
Big Breakfast - available until 11am Weekdays
Southern style chicken burger
Mexican Salad in crispy Taco bowl
Traditional Pizzas
Crispy Pan Fried Salmon with chips and house salad
The Sports Bar
$15 Cocktails
Pork Sausages and Mashed Potato, House Salad and Chips
Haricot Bean & Freekeh Salad, Mexican Salad in crispy Taco bowl
$5 Beer & Cider - 45 on Rawson Happy Hour
Poke Bowl
Tickets on sale 6pm Drawn 7pm
Rolled chicken breast
Poker Monday & Tuesday nights
The Sports Bar
Steak & Schooner
TAB self serve kiosk available
45 on Rawson & Sports Bar
Crispy baked buffalo chicken wings
45 on Rawson
45 on Rawson
Fish & Chips
French Style Omelette - available until 11am Weekdays
Toasted Banana Bread - available until 11am Weekdays
TAB Facilities in 45 on Rawson
Seafood Basket, Halloumi Chips, Spring Rolls
Breakfast - available until 11am Weekdays
$5 Happy Hour Friday 5pm-7pm, Every other day 6pm-7pm