45-47 Rawson Street
Epping NSW 2121
(02) 9876 4357

Renew Your Membership Now

You could win $1,000 cash by renewing during June!

Plus $1,500 in Kiosk Swipe Bonuses all month long during June*

It's easy, just renew & place your Early Bird Renewals Cash Draw ticket in the barrel at Customer Service by Sunday 30 June.

The Early Bird Renewals Cash Draw will be held 8.30pm Friday 5 July after the meat raffle. You could take home $1,000 cash! 

How to Renew Your Membership:

In Person: Visit Customer Service to pay or use your E Plus points, you'll receive your new membership card, your rewards PLUS an Early Bird Renewals Cash Draw Ticket when you renew by Sunday 30 June.

Phone: Call Customer Service on 9876 4357.

Mail: Post your renewal slip and payment to The Epping Club, Box 206 Epping NSW 1710

Website: Secure website renewal form for credit card payments, online here.

If you are setting up your password you'll be prompted to type in your membership number, first name and surname.

If you are a Level One Fitness member please type "-HC" at the end of your surname, for example, SMITH-HC.

Exclusive Member Offers:

Member offers will be added to your membership card after you renew.