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A: The House Rules are made pursuant to clause 41(b) of the Club’s Constitution and have the same force and effect as the Constitution in so far as they are not inconsistent therewith.
B: These and all subsequent House Rules come into effect when adopted by the Board of Directors.
C: These House Rules are a guide to membership and all enquiries should be addressed to the Chief Executive Officer.

Entry to the Club

A: Members entering the Club are required to produce their membership card to Front Desk Personnel to sight.
B: Members and their guests must adhere to the dress code and standards of the Club and its Management and designated staff have the authority to determine if the dress standard is met.
C: The Front Desk Personnel are authorised to ensure that all visitors enter the Club in accordance with the requirements of the registered clubs act.
D: In any dispute regarding entry to the Club, the Front Desk Personnel will refer the matter to Management.
E: Management reserves the right to refuse entry to any visitors without explanation.
F: Any member or visitor will be refused entry to the Club if it is deemed
that person is intoxicated, appears to be nearing or showing signs of intoxication.

Members Guests

A: A member bringing a guest or guests into the Club will be required to sign the Members Guest Register against the name of each visitor.
B: The member will be responsible for the guest’s behaviour whilst the guest is on or near the premises.
C: Any misconduct or breach of House Rules by a guest may be regarded as a breach by the member responsible for that guest.
D: Guests who have been signed in shall not remain on the premises after the member who has signed them in has left.

Proof of Age

A: When required by a Club officer, proof of age must be established.

Acceptable forms of ID

• A driver's or rider's licence or permit (issued by an Australian State or Territory or any foreign country)
• Australian passport or a foreign passport issued by another country,
• NSW photo card (issued by Roads and Maritime Services NSW)
• Proof of age card issued by a public authority of the Commonwealth or of another State or Territory for the purpose of attesting to a person's identity and age
• Keypass (over-18) identity card issued by Australia Post.

B: Persons under the age of eighteen will not be permitted in restricted areas.
C: Persons under the age of eighteen must be accompanied by a parent or guardian at all times.

Club Dress

A: The Club wishes to maintain a standard of dress and appearance in keeping with the expectations of fellow members and the standards of the facilities provided. The standard is “clean, neat and tidy” in both clothing and appearance.
B: Minimum standard of dress is smart casual wear along with a clean and neat appearance in personal grooming.
C: If a member or guest is dressed or appears in a way that may offend other members or guests, this is sufficient cause to refuse entry to the Club.
D: The Front Desk Personnel are authorised to adjudicate on whether a member or guest meets the required standards.

General Guide

Shirts and Tops

1. All shirts and tops having a collar or a stitched band (grandpa collar) may be worn inside or outside trousers or skirts as long as they have a clean and neat appearance.
2. T-Shirts that are predominantly plain and of a clean and neat appearance may be worn. Fashion logos are allowed, however, offensive printed designs or writing is not permitted.
3. Body shirts and crop tops which have an approximate length of 3cm or more from the naval are not permitted.
4. High Vis clothing is permitted. Clothing must be of a clean appearance.

Trousers and Skirts

1. Dress trousers, shorts, slacks and jeans are permitted.
2. Tracksuits of clean neat appearance are permitted before 6pm.
3. Skirts must be of an acceptable length and design and this will be deemed by Management or Front Door Personnel.
4. All clothing must be in good condition with no tears or holes.


1. All Footwear must be of clean and neat appearance.
2. All types of shoes may be worn without socks.


1. General headwear is permitted.
2. All facial features must be visible.
3. Wherever possible head wear should be removed as a sign of respect during the reciting of the ODE.


A: In order to ensure the comfort of all patrons, no member or guest may create undue noise or cause a disturbance on the premises.
B: Offensive language will not be tolerated within or in the surrounds of the Club.
C: All patrons must respect the privacy of other members and guests at all times.
D: Members and guests are requested to leave the premises in a quiet orderly manner respecting our neighbours.

Responsible Service of Alcohol

A: The Club maintains a Responsible Service of Alcohol Policy which can be viewed at Front Desk.

The Club maintains a Responsible Gaming Policy which can be viewed at Front Desk.


Photography is allowed throughout the Epping Club, excluding any part of the Gaming Area, Change Rooms or Toilets. Any photo taken of a person must have the permission of that person/persons guardian prior to taking the photo. The Club takes the Privacy of its Members and Guests very seriously.

Inappropriate Photography

Where an individual is believed to be inappropriately photographing a Member or Guest, The Epping Club can ask the individual to stop and delete the photo. If the individual refuses, the police may be called to deal with the matter.

Car Parking

A: The Club Car Park is for members and authorised personnel only; it is for use whilst on the premises. If you leave the Club for any reason you must remove your vehicle as well.
B: If a car is to be left in the car park, specific permission must be sought and granted by Management.
C: Members are responsible for their cars and their contents. All care must be taken when parking in the car park.
D: When leaving the car park, members and guests are requested to do so carefully and quietly.
E: No pedestrian access through car park
F: The Club is not responsible for any damaged caused to vehicles whilst in the Car Park


A: Under NSW Health Act 2000 and the Smoke-Free Environment Regulation 2016, all indoor areas are non-smoking. Smoking is banned within 4 metres of a seated dining area. Smoking is banned within 4 metres of the main entrance to the Club. E Cigarettes are governed under the same policy as Tobacco Cigarettes.


A: Your opinion and observations are important to us because our goal is to provide you with excellent services and facilities. You will find feedback forms situated throughout the Club or alternatively, you may put your feedback in writing to Customer Experience Manager, PO Box 206, Epping NSW 1710.


A: Membership subscriptions fall due each year on 1st July and are payable in advance from 1st June.
B: Three or Five year subscriptions fall due on 1st July in the year they expire and are payable in advance from 1st June.
C: A member becomes unfinancial after 30th June and has one month to rectify this position.
D: Under no circumstances are membership cards transferable. No member may lend his/her card to another person.
E: A membership card is not valid until signed by the member to whom it is issued.


A: Any breach of these House Rules will be dealt with as an offence under Clause 67 (g) of the Articles of Association.
B: Any member who commits a misdemeanour and is to be cited to appear before the Board of Directors, will on demand by the Chief Executive Officer or his Deputy, surrender his or her membership card until such time as he or she appears before the Board of Directors.
C: Any question as to the interpretation or application of these House Rules will be submitted in writing to the Chief Executive Officer, who will forthwith submit same to the Board of Directors.
D: Where any House Rule is inconsistent with any provision of the Liquor Act, Gaming and Betting (Poker Machine) Act or other relevant legislation, the provisions of those Acts will prevail.
E: The onus is on every member to make himself or herself acquainted at all times with the Club’s Constitution and the House Rules. These documents are available on request.
F: No person under the age of eighteen (18) years may be admitted as a member of the Club.
G: Without in any way limiting the meaning of misdemeanour where used in these House Rules members acknowledge misdemeanors include any action word, deed or behaviour of a member which may bring the Club into disrepute or cause the Club to have any recording made against the Club by any disciplinary, policing ort regulatory authority.
H: Patrons congregating may be moved on from an area where they are hindering traffic flow or as a result of security and occupational, health and safety policies.

The Ode of Remembrance

A: The “Ode to the Fallen” will be recited nightly at 5.00pm and shall be a Club responsibility. All services and activities shall cease and all persons are required to stand and refrain from all activities whilst the Ode is being recited.


Help is close at hand. GambleAware gambleaware.nsw.gov.au or 1800 858 858.